Sunday, June 9, 2013

a ways away yet,but...

I will be turning 50 this year (in october) and to commemorate,i will be compiling various "top 50" lists. Movies,songs,books,moments in life,etc. First up is going to be my 50 favorite movies. At first I thought it would be not too hard to think of 50 and it wasn't. The hard part was limiting it to JUST 50! So to make it easier on me I decided to list my fave movie from each year of my life. It's too hard otherwise. I'm 50, Ive seen just about every movie ever made (almost anyhow!) and there are just too many good ones or ones that I have sentimental attachment to,regardless of quality.After this list I will make one of my favorite films released prior to my birth year. The first list should be ready in a day or two.

Besides that,how are you?

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Crowman said...

50! Sup